Our Impact and Priorities

Consuelo Foundation works towards a safer, happier world for children and families through programs and strategic partnerships that lead to systems change and enhanced well-being.  

Our Impact


Children and Youth







Our Priorities

Consuelo strives to nurture the well-being of the most vulnerable children, families, and communities. We focus not only on meeting targets but also on the relationships required to collectively evolve amid shifting contexts.

Our work encompasses a range of programs in various locations both in the Philippines and in Hawai‘i, informed by our three Strategic Objectives.

Deliver Quality Programs

Consuelo collaborates with partners to deliver quality programs for survivors and those at risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Our programs ensure that their basic needs are met, and they are given adequate support for healing and recovery. Consuelo and its partners support children, women and families to increase their ability to heal from trauma, advocate for the rights of children, and promote protective factors that reduce abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Catalyze Systems Change

We convene and engage stakeholders at various levels, including families and communities, government, funders, policy makers, and researchers.

Through our monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning; knowledge management; and communication systems, we design evidence-based, long-term programs that are effective and sustainable.

Operational Effectiveness
and Efficiency

Consuelo is committed to improving its internal systems.

We continue to streamline and digitize our administrative, human resource, and financial operations. We are also improving financial controls both internally and externally with our partners to ensure enhanced performance and responsible resource management.

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