How We Work

Partnership is essential to Consuelo’s work. But we go beyond just collaborating on programs and services and seek to build relationships anchored on a shared vision of care and transformational change for children and families.

Consuelo Partnership

Consuelo seeks holistic partnerships that support a range of organizational needs to improve systems and services for children and families.

Partnership Principles

Our partnership model is one of close, flexible, and responsive relationships at institutional and personal levels. It is rooted in Consuelo’s Philosophy and grounded on key principles:

  • Shared vision of care and nurturing. A shared vision that meets children’s immediate needs, and seeks to prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • Individual and community capacities. Consuelo and partners understand, respect and strengthen individual and community capacities, recognizing that communities are the primary agents of prevention and the source of healing.
  • Mutuality. With a spirit of autonomy and reciprocity, we recognize that each partner brings skills, knowledge, resources, and capacities.
  • Equitable and transparent partnership development. Defining our rights and responsibilities is a collaborative process, one where we listen and learn together from each other
  • Partner sustainability. We build upon our partner’s strengths, and work to meet challenges and vulnerabilities

Who are Consuelo Partners?

Consuelo partners are resilient, self-sustaining organizations that leverage their strengths to deliver programs that empower children, youth, families, and fellow partners.

For over 30 years, we have worked side-by-side with our partners towards preventing child abuse, neglect, and exploitation in communities, as well as facilitate healing for victims and vulnerable youth.

The Consuelo Partners Cohort

Relationship building and hands-on support is key to successful and sustained Consuelo partnerships. We view our cohort of partners as a community of practice. Here, organizations can draw on each other for moral support, shared learning, and technical support.

Even after contracts end, we consider partners as part of the Consuelo family, and they are often invited to Consuelo events and trainings.

  • Capacity Building: Partners equip children and communities with capacity related to their rights and interests, including self-care, trauma informed policies, and life skills.
  • Organizational Development: Consuelo helps strengthen the partners’ internal systems and services to help them properly care, support, and love the child and youth in their care.
  • Operational Support: Consuelo provides partners with operational resources to execute the program.

Where We Work

Consuelo operates two distinct but closely connected offices in Hawai’i and the Philippines.

We are guided by Consuelo’s mission and work with local partners, authorities, and communities to bring meaningful impact through context-sensitive programs.

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