Protection and Recovery Program (PRP)

The PRP program aims to support the healing and promote the well-being of survivors and at-risk children and youth in order to end the cycle of violence and ensure that they live safe, happy lives.

PRP aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Children and young people survive and develop. Children have basic needs such as food, shelter, education and medical care.
  • Children and young people manage and cope with trauma. Child Abuse Neglect and Exploitation (CANE) survivors access and use psychosocial interventions and services such as psychological assessments, therapies, and counseling towards holistic healing.
  • Children and young people find loving homes. CANE survivors move on to safe and nurturing home environments. This can mean reintegration with their own families, adoption by new families, or preparation towards independent living.
  • Children and young people have access to justice. CANE survivors access and use case management services and legal assistance.
  • Children, young people, families, and communities uphold children’s rights. Children, youth and their families have access to responsive, trauma-informed programs and services as a result of the capacity-building provided by partners.
  • Child-caring agencies and community-based shelters can properly care for survivors. With more robust internal systems and services, partner organizations can better provide survivors with healthy and loving alternative family environments.

In addition to supporting direct services to children and youth, we also provide PRP partner organizations with holistic capacity building—by conducting technical trainings and enhancing partner resources. Consuelo also contributes to their organizational development, facilitates knowledge transfer, and provides operational support to enhance overall program delivery, expand impact on children and communities and ensure overall program sustainability.

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