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About the Program

In Hawai’i, our strategic approach, which combines well-being, culture, and prevention, was established with the help of more than 80 stakeholders, including partners, our board, elders, and other leaders. The participants recognized convening, capacity building, and relationship development as distinctive roles of the Foundation. The metaphor of a lei garden serves as the foundation for the strategy. Our garden’s components are as follows:

  1. Coordinate long-term sector strategy. Culture and ‘āina practices are widely mainstreamed as a protective factor through the creation and implementation of a cohesive, effective strategy with demonstrable results.
  2. Networking and collaboration. Consuelo’s partners, other organizations and leaders collaborate on established common impact goals.
  3. Capacity building and implementation. Consuelo supports program partners across Hawai‘i and expands the capacity of the sector to act as agents of change, healing and safety in their communities.
  4. Evidence and communications. The effectiveness of cultural approaches as protective factors is demonstrated through evidence, communications and advocacy tools, strategies and evaluation.
  5. Catalyzing Systems Change. Partners and other stakeholders play a key role in sector transformation, increasing long-term access to funding, expanding community impact and cultivating future leaders.

Our detailed 2022-25 Strategic Plan, and relevant documents such as the full Stakeholder Engagement report can be found on our Resource Hub.

Mahalo to SAS Services, LLC for guiding us through our stakeholder engagement process.

Stories of Hope

“The deepest layer of pono is HOPE.”

– Aunty Pilahi Paki

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