Our Programs in the Philippines

We design holistic programs that empower vulnerable individuals and families, facilitate their healing, and strengthen child protection systems within the larger community.

Protection and Recovery

The Protection and Recovery Program ensures that children and young people who have survived or are at risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation are in safe, loving, and healing environments.

Life Skills Plus

The Life Skills Plus (LS+) Program empowers young people to become safe, self-reliant, and empowered individuals and citizens.

Family Strengthening

The Family Strengthening Program empowers families to become safe, nurturing, and loving environments that uphold the rights of their children.

Child Abuse Protection and Intervention Network

The Child Abuse Prevention Intervention Network (CAPIN) aims to create safe, child-friendly cities in cooperation with the local government unit (LGU).

Consuelo on Wheels

Consuelo on Wheels (COW) is a mobile, community-based child abuse prevention program for low-income families in rural Northern Samar.

Special Projects

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Consuelo committed to meeting children’s basic survival needs as well as supporting their learning and education.


Catalyzing systems change is one of our core strategies in promoting sustainable change for children’s well-being and rights. For Consuelo, advocacy is a set of intentional, evidence-based, influencing activities aimed at shifting social norms to protect children.

Our systems change initiatives seek long-term outcomes such as policy change or short-term outcomes that create openings for social and institutional change.

Consuelo focuses its efforts on co-creating child friendly systems and institutions, strengthening the protective environment for children, and empowering young people.

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