Consuelo on Wheels (COW)

Consuelo on Wheels (COW) is a mobile, community-based, child abuse prevention program for low-income families in rural Northern Samar. COW empowers families to become safe, nurturing, and loving environments that uphold the rights of their children.

COW aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Primary caregivers have employment or business opportunities and the necessary skills to sustain them. Caregivers have access to and avail of technical and vocational and livelihood support from Consuelo and local government partners or other private organizations.
  • Primary caregivers and communities uphold children’s rights and interests. Caregivers are trained in Family Strengthening sessions which include positive discipline, positive parenting, and early childhood and development that promote children’s rights.

COW is implemented in partnership with various local government units and government agencies, particularly: Provincial Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Provincial Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWD), and the Public Employment Service Office (PESO).

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