About the Program

‘ĀINAVIS is a collaboration with After Oceanic designed to help spark dialogue regarding the role of ‘āina and ‘āina organizations in Hawai‘i, and how they contribute to the well-being of everyone. ‘Āina means land, that which feeds. VIS is short for vision, visibility; strength.

The project consists of an index of non-profit and heritage organizations in Hawai‘i that span 136 years of ‘āina activity from 1886 to present (2022).

Advisors and collaborators to ‘AINAVIS include: Kaulunani Urban and Regional Forestry Program, Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation, Kua ‘Āina ‘Ulu ‘Auamo, University of Hawai‘i Associate Professor Mehana Vaughan, and many community stakeholders.

To get involved, visit ‘ĀINAVIS website.

“He ali‘i ka ‘āina, he kauwā ke kanaka.”

The land is a chief; man is its servant.

– ‘ōlelo no‘eau #531

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