Inside Job: Reflections towards Greater NGO Effectiveness

Inside Job is the result of Consuelo Foundation Philippine Branch’s efforts to help its local partners become more effective in attaining their missions. The book aims to inspire, motivate, and further equip partners of Foundation It reviews selected concepts, principles, and other information pertinent to the standard organizational components, and provides certain capacity development protocols that could help non-profit organizations in undertaking positive change towards achieving excellent performance. It also reviews certain basic concepts and processes that could help them in undertaking Consuelo’s earlier publications, namely, the Guidelines on Organizational Capacity Building and Social Service Delivery in 1998 and the Organizational Standards Self-Assessment Workbook in 2003.

The first two chapters are basic introductions in the phenomenon of change and the notions of organizations as human systems. The other chapters deal with the standard operational development components—organizational purposes and commitment; governance and administration; program/project development and management; human resource development and management; financial management; resource generation and mobilization; general administration; communication; and management information.

*Description is a revised and condensed form of the Foreword of the book.

Year Produced: 2010
Developed by: Consuelo Foundation
Author(s): Eugene Caccam, Lourdes D. Pasion