Silip sa Isip: Mga Dapat Mabatid sa Mental Retardation

Silip sa Isip serves as a guide for caregivers or any family member in caring for persons with cognitive disabilities. This guidebook may be used in the context of daycare centers or in other home facilities. It documents critical information on experiences of care, on rendering medical services, and on practices of nurturing children in care facilities. Data used in the development of this book were collected from Elsie Gaches Village in the City of Muntinlupa.

As the first Filipino publication on the care of children with cognitive disabilities, this book aims to equip service providers with information that is consistent with new sciences and with principles of reliable companionship. It also aims to widen the reach of mental health resources and to communicate relevant psychiatric concepts to the common people.

Year Produced: 2010
Developed by: Consuelo Foundation
Author(s): Rhodora Andrea M. Concepcion, MD, DPBP
Editor(s): Roberto T. Añonuevo