Right Peer-Assisted Learning Strategy (PALS): Module sa Karapatan ng Bata

The Right Peer-Assisted Learning Strategy (PALS) Module was initially developed by Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, the Department of Education, and Consuelo Foundation for peer-to-peer studies, but was adjusted given limitations to interactions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been redesigned to introduce three new approaches to PALS:

  • Online peer-to-peer studying, wherein the original design is retained but is conducted through social media sited with five peer leaders who will plan the application of this module
  • Self-learning module, wherein activities and quizzes are done by the student independently or with the guidance of their teacher
  • Parent-student, wherein the student may discuss contents of the module with their parents.

The module contains 15 sessions covering topics on child rights; different types, contexts, support mechanisms, and effects of child abuse; and reproductive health.

Year Produced: 2020
Author(s): Jiah Asumbra, Evelyn Cagape, Rene Calunod, Erwin Deguinon, April Masa Gafa, Rex Lipang, Vivien Christi Trocio, Jenelyn Verano
Editor(s): Atty. Klarise Estorninos-Cajucom, Carla Micaela Honasam, Richlie yndon Magtulis, Atty. Veronica Mae Yan, Erwin Deguinon, Edward Ryan Gulam, Rex Lipang, Vivien Christi Trocio