Pagpaguy: 2 Reports on the Internally Displaced Persons in Sulu

Pagpaguy is a combination of two research papers commissioned by the Consuelo Foundation to guide the development of culturally sensitive and relevant programs and projects for the internally displaced Tausug children and women in Sulu. The reports discuss the prevention and amelioration of neglect and abuse of Tausug children and women in order to secure their hope for a better future.

The title, Pagpaguy, is a Tausug term for the act of constant fleeing or escaping. It depicts the character of life that has prevailed for many years amongst the Tausugs who had no choice but to leave their homes and livelihood to temporarily settle in areas determined to be unaffected by armed conflict.

The first part of this book is a situational and psychosocial needs assessment of the Tausugs who evacuated to the towns of Indanan and Patikul in 2007. The second part is a cultural study of the Tausug family. It provides information on demographic characteristics, values, parenting and childcare practices, as well as insights on how internal displacement affects their lives.

*Description is a revised and condensed form of the Foreword of the book.