Case Study Ke Aka Ho’onā Self-Help Homeownership: Building Affordable Housing and Community in Wai’anae, Hawaii

This case study evaluates the Ke Aka Ho‘onā (KAH) a self-help housing development in Waiʻanae, in Hawaiʻi’s Honolulu County. It looks into KAH’s 26-year history of building homes and communities. The goals of this case study were:

  • To identify ways that KAH contributed to family and community wellbeing over the past 26 years; and
  • To support the current transition to resident self-governance and ongoing community building by identifying current KAH and Consuelo Foundation priorities and concerns.

Activities for this case study took place between December 2018 and April 2019. The design for the approach of this study was formulated together with the Ke Aka Ho‘onā Association (KAHA) board of directors and Consuelo to ensure that the study would directly serve the residents of KAH. The study further provides information that is useful to both KAHA and Consuelo in the KAH community’s transition from Foundation oversight to resident oversight. This also case study aims to further build upon and complement existing resources on KAH.

*Description is a condensed form of the Executive Summary and the About section of the paper.