A Healthy Me: Understanding and Enhancing the Impact of a Health and Wellbeing Curriculum for Filipina Adolescents (Research Report)

A Healthy Me is a holistic health and wellbeing program that started in 2014. It is both a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health (SRH) educational resource for Filipina adolescents and a training guidebook for health educators and parents. The program uses participatory and progressive educational methodology employing a range of individual and group learning activities, with each session guided by a unique “learning journal.”

This research report was undertaken to demonstrate program effectiveness of A Healthy Me; to understand the elements of the program which were important in achieving its level of effectiveness; and to identify opportunities for program enhancement. Overall, the findings reinforce much of the existing research about the nature of the issues affecting adolescent girls globally and in the Philippines. Moreover, the research adds a richer understanding of the importance of the facilitator-adolescent relationship and of breaking barriers to the access of comprehensive SRH education and government health services for adolescent girls.

*Description is from the program overview and discussion section of the report.