Our 25th Year

Celebrating 25 Years:
Transforming lives through
partnership, innovation and
inspiring hope

"GIVING HOPE" - AN ART EXHIBIT April 2013, Ayala Museum

The "Giving Hope" exhibit highlights the child abuse prevention and treatment programs of Consuelo Foundation gathering artworks of children and young adults from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Metro Manila - fitting tribute to celebrate 25 years of Consuelo Foundation. Consuelo's vision was "to renew hope for those who have lost it and give hope to those who have never had it." It is the same vision that guides her Foundation and inspired this exhibition.

The artworks were created by children who are either survivors or at-risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation under the tutelage of art educator, Bambi Manosa of Creative Kids Studio.   They created their own interpretations of themes that resonate imageries and traditions of the different regions where the workshops were held like large-scale flowers, paper machie birds, huge lanterns using a variety of medium. 

The artworks reflect the hope and aspirations of children ages 4 to 21 who have experienced a renewed sense of hope through the generosity of Consuelo Zobel Alger.