Consuelo Foundation Hawai‘i Programs

Throughout her lifetime, our benefactress Consuelo Zobel Alger had a special place in her heart for children.  During her retirement years, she lived in Hawai‘i and developed a deep appreciation for the people of this place.  The Foundation follows Consuelo’s wish to have our mission activities in Hawai‘i support the Native Hawaiian community. 

In order to uplift the well-being of children in Hawai‘i and prevent and treat child abuse, neglect and exploitation, the foundation has undertaken several initiatives since our inception.  These have included Ke Aka Ho‘onā, our community housing program in Wai‘anae, and the ABC Pilot Project, an attachment and bonding program that addressed the emotional needs of young children in foster care.

Since 2010, Consuelo has more precisely focused on partnering across Hawai‘i to uplift the well-being of Native Hawaiian children and families through cultural approaches.  These approaches center on Hawaiian ways of knowing that empower, restore and perpetuate healthy children, families and communities.  The three main elements within Consuelo’s program focus and activities in Hawai‘i include:

Cultural and ‘Āina-based Approaches: We partner with promising ‘āina-based and culturally-centered programs across Hawai‘i.  Our partners seek to leverage resources and expand partnerships to create deep impact in their respective communities, and engage in sustainability endeavors for effective services.  This includes demonstrating successes through culturally-centered evaluation methodologies.

Convening Strategies: We expand key leadership networks within the Native Hawaiian community and beyond by identifying and supporting emerging leaders.  We solidify relationships and partnerships that strengthen the service and community networks that support healthy families. 

Capacity Building Initiatives: We provide resources and supports to enhance organizational effectiveness of partner programs delivering primary, secondary and tertiary prevention services in the Native Hawaiian community.  We seek innovative, creative and entrepreneurial strategies that help partners fulfill their mission and reach true sustainability.