Healthy Start Expands its
Program for Children
Ages 3 to 5

In June 2012, Consuelo Foundation launched Healthy Start Ages 3 to 5 - a move to expand our early childhood care program to support not just infants and toddlers but children of the preschool age as well. For the flagship site of Healthy Start Ages 3 to 5, the Foundation built the Healthy Start Harmony Play Center in Sitio Butig, Pagalungan in Maguindanao.

Mariam Pedtukasan, one of the mothers enrolled in the program, says, "Even if I'm busy looking after my other children, I patiently accompany my daughter here because I don't want her to grow old without an education." Mariam is one of 120 parents whose children are currently enrolled in the project.

Similar to the Healthy Start Ages 0 to 3 setup, the project taps Family Support Workers to engage the parents in parenting sessions while they wait for their children attending classes with Play Facilitators at the Harmony Play Center.